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Yoga for us is both the practice and the goal itself, to reach that state of union of being with the Whole
How to reach this state has been studied by many modalities, with their particular views, and styles of practice, but from the experience that comes with time and life, the answer lies in the study of scriptures and Vedanta. We intend that in our school this alliance with study is constant, requiring the guidance of a Teacher.
It is therefore appropriate to leave our gratitude to our professor Paulo Abreu Vieira, for his availability to collaborate in FreeFlow, with his friendliness and accessibility in communication, helping to elucidate us in the learning of ancient scriptures.
We also realized that the practice of yoga in the classroom should be more than just posture training; we follow as a basis, the fundamentals or foundations, defined by Patanjali, the ethical norms of Yoga: yamas and niyamas, encouraging that, in the classroom, techniques are taught, for the student to take home and use them in their day-to-day , in their relationships, in their work, improving their life habits and personal care, opening awareness of this interconnection between all beings, promoting kindness, self-acceptance, and care for the environment, our home, the planet, Earth.
In this way, the class will be a good contribution to the maintenance and improvement of each one’s health, in a comprehensive way, in addition to the physical, emotional and mental.
Yoga is thus, for us, a way of dancing in life, with freedom, to be able to be who we are, and at every moment to be able to discover, find and get to know them better, accepting our capacities and weaknesses, as being natural, but always cultivating a satisfaction in every moment that we experience freedom, which is already our nature, as pure existence.
We advocate a relaxed environment inside and outside the practice room, and we provide moments of intensifying knowledge and practice, with regular workshops, meetings, retreats, training courses, and we embrace other yoga modalities, styles of practice, different views of yoga, that they are favorable contributions to the self-study and learning of those who visit us.
That’s why our yoga has several inspirations, it evolves in time and space, and acquires its name FreeFlow.
In this way we vitalize people and ignite consciences.

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Vitalize People and Ignite Consciences

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