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The FreeFlow yoga school presents a vision of yoga for everyone, we don’t hold to rigid styles of practice, but choose to adapt our classes to the students present in the class. In this perspective, we make possible classes at different levels and practice time, exploring in one session different yoga techniques, the breathing component, body postures with variations, relaxation and meditation, among others, always depending on who the teacher has in front of the class, in a yoga for all aspect, having Hatha, Vinyasa and restorative influences.
Our classes take place in person, in small groups, and simultaneously online, through zoom. You can also request to receive recorded classes, to do at home, when you can’t be with us simultaneously.
There are also aero-yoga, or suspended yoga, classes, as well as Jivamukti Yoga.
We favor a relaxed environment inside and outside the practice room, and provide moments of intensification of knowledge and practice, with regular workshops, meetings, retreats, training courses, and we embrace other modalities of yoga, styles of practice, different visions of yoga, which are favorable contributions to the self-study and learning of those who visit us.
That’s why our yoga has several inspirations, evolving in time and space, and acquiring its name Free Flow.
In this way we vitalize people and ignite consciences.
Aulas particulares
We have a team of yoga teachers available, specialized in personalized work, according to your availability, and your goals.
Contact us, if this is a situation that interests you.
The yoga teacher training is present in our calendar of activities, since 2017. It is a 200h course certified by Yoga Alliance International, extendable over 9 months, in multi-styles of yoga, with various subjects related to the practice and not only: vedanta, ayurveda, nutrition, among other topics.
Other in-depth mini courses you can expect at our school are:
– Yoga course for children
– Intensive aero-yoga
– Massage course
– Reiki training, 3 levels
– Adjustment course
– Scripture study course
We have guided meditation practice on Mondays at 7pm. These classes aim to teach the student to acquire this habit in their daily life, and in our class they can try different techniques. These classes are included in our student’s tuition, and are accessible to others with a voluntary donation.

An investment of body, mind and


Vitalize People and Ignite Consciences

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